The True Story of My Life
By Hans Christian Andersen

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Gentlemen,–I take this opportunity of forwarding to you, the proof sheets of the unpublished Life of Hans Christian Andersen– translated from a copy transmitted to me for that purpose, by the Author. It is as well to state that this is the Author’s Edition, he being participant in the proceeds of this work.

I remain, gentlemen,

Yours truly,

Mary Howitt.

LONDON, June 29, 1847.


No literary labor is more delightful to me than translating the beautiful thoughts and fancies of Hans Christian Andersen. My heart is in the work, and I feel as if my spirit were kindred to his; just as our Saxon English seems to me eminently fitted to give the simple, pure, and noble sentiments of the Danish mind.

This True Story of his Life will not be found the least interesting of his writings; indeed, to me it seems one of the most so. It furnishes the key, as it were, to all the rest; and the treasures which it unlocks will be found to be possessed of additional value when viewed through the medium of this introduction. It is gratifying for me to be able to state that the original Author has a personal interest in this English version of his “Life,” as I have arranged with my publishers to pay Mr. Andersen a certain sum on the publication of this translation, and the same on all future editions.

M. H.

The Elms, Clapton, June 26.


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The True Story of My Life
By Hans Christian Andersen
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