The Lords of the Wild
By Joseph A. Altsheler

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The Lords of the Wild - A Story of the Old New York Border by

Joseph A. Altsheler

“The Lords of the Wild” tells a complete story, but it is also a part of the French and Indian War Series, of which the predecessors were “The Hunters of the Hills,” “The Shadow of the North,” “The Rulers of the Lakes” and “The Masters of the Peaks.” Robert Lennox, Tayoga, Willet, St. Luc, Tandakora and all the principal characters of the earlier volumes reappear.

Characters in the French and Indian War Series

  ROBERT LENNOX                         A lad of unknown origin
  TAYOGA                                A young Onondaga warrior
  DAVID WILLET                          A hunter
  RAYMOND LOUIS DE ST. LUC              A brilliant French officer
  AGUSTE DE COURCELLES                  A French officer
  FRANÇOIS DE JUMONVILLE                A French officer
  LOUIS DE GALISONNIÈRE                 A young French officer
  JEAN DE MÉZY                          A corrupt Frenchman
  ARMAN GLANDELET                       A young Frenchman
  PIERRE BOUCHER                        A bully and bravo
  PHILIBERT DROUILLARD                  A French priest
  THE MARQUIS DUQUESNE                  Governor-General of Canada
  MARQUIS DE VAUDREUIL                  Governor-General of Canada
  FRANÇOIS BIGOT                        Intendant of Canada
  MARQUIS DE MONTCALM                   French commander-in-chief
  DE LEVIS                              A French general
  BOURLAMAQUE                           A French general
  BOUGAINVILLE                          A French general
  ARMAND DUBOIS                         A follower of St. Luc
  M. DE CHATILLARD                      An Old French Seigneur
  CHARLES LANGLADE                      A French partisan
  THE DOVE                              The Indian wife of Langlade
  TANDAKORA                             An Ojibway chief
  DAGONOWEDA                            A young Mohawk chief
  HENDRICK                              An old Mohawk chief
  BRADDOCK                              A British general
  ABERCROMBIE                           A British general
  WOLFE                                 A British general
  COL. WILLIAM JOHNSON                  Anglo-American leader
  MOLLY BRANT                           Col. Wm. Johnson’s Indian wife
  JOSEPH BRANT                          Young brother of Molly Brant,
                                          afterward the great Mohawk
                                          chief, Thayendanegea
  ROBERT DINWIDDIE                      Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia
  WILLIAM SHIRLEY                       Governor of Massachusetts
  BENJAMIN FRANKLIN                     Famous American Patriot
  JAMES COLDEN                          A young Philadelphia captain
  WILLIAM WILTON                        A young Philadelphia lieutenant
  HUGH CARSON                           A young Philadelphia lieutenant
  JACOBUS HUYSMAN                       An Albany burgher
  CATERINA                              Jacobus Huysman’s cook
  ALEXANDER MCLEAN                      An Albany schoolmaster
  BENJAMIN HARDY                        A New York merchant
  JOHNATHAN PILLSBURY                   Clerk to Benjamin Hardy
  ADRIAN VAN ZOON                       A New York merchant
  THE SLAVER                            A nameless rover
  ACHILLE GARAY                         A French spy
  ALFRED GROSVENOR                      A young English officer
  JAMES CABELL                          A young Virginian
  WALTER STUART                         A young Virginian
  BLACK RIFLE                           A famous “Indian fighter"
  ELIHU STRONG                          A Massachusetts colonel
  ALAN HERVEY                           A New York financier
  STUART WHITE                          Captain of the British sloop,
                                          Hawk  JOHN LATHAM
                           Lieutenant of the British sloop,
                                          Hawk  EDWARD CHARTERIS
                      A young officer of the Royal
  ZEBEDEE CRANE                         A young scout and forest runner
  ROBERT ROGERS                         Famous Captain of American


Foreword  •  Chapter I: The Blue Bird  •  Chapter II: The Live Canoe  •  Chapter III: In the Cliff  •  Chapter IV: The Daring Attempt  •  Chapter V: Tayoga’s Skill  •  Chapter VI: Black Rifle  •  Chapter VII: The Forest Battle  •  Chapter VIII: The Boat Builders  •  Chapter IX: The Masked Attack  •  Chapter X: In the Fog  •  Chapter XI: The Happy Escape  •  Chapter XII: The French Camp  •  Chapter XIII: Eve of Battle  •  Chapter XIV: Ticonderoga

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The Lords of the Wild: A Story of the Old New York Border
By Joseph A. Altsheler
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