Half-Past Seven Stories
By Robert Gordon Anderson

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Sarah Davis Anderson

Not that this dedication is in itself so great an honor, but because the youngsters’ choice, “Aunt Sally!” is indeed a tribute to the loving heart which has made so many little ones happy.


Preface  •  “The Top of the Morning”  •  I: The Little Lost Fox  •  II: The Big Bobsled  •  III: The Jolly Roger  •  IV: The Blue Croaker, the Bright Agate, and the Little Gray Mig  •  V: The Old Woman Who Lived On the Canal  •  VI: Two O’ Cat  •  VII: The Fairy Lamp  •  VIII: The Animals’ Birthday Party  •  IX: Dr. Philemon Pipp, the Patient Medicine Man  •  X: When Jehosophat Forgot His Piece  •  XI: Ole Man Pumpkin  •  XII: The Norway Spruce  •  XIII: When the Door Opened  •  XIV: The Hole That Ran to China  •  XV: The Peppermint Pagoda  •  XVI: He That Took the City

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Half Past Seven Stories
By Robert Gordon Anderson
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