The Jericho Road
By W. Bion Adkins

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the Jericho Road

  “A traveler passed down the Jericho road,
  He carried of cash a pretty fair load
  (The savings of many a toilsome day),
  On his Jericho home a mortgage to pay.

  “At a turn of the road, in a lonely place,
  Two villainous men met him face to face.
  ’Hands up!’ they cried, and they beat him sore,
  Then off to the desert his money they bore.

  “Soon a priest came by who had a fold;
  He sheared his sheep of silver and gold.
  He saw the man lie bruised and bare,
  But he passed on by to his place of prayer.

  “Then a Levite, temple bound, drew nigh;
  He saw the man, but let him lie,
  And clad in silk, and filled with pride,
  He passed him by on the other side.

  “Next on the way a Samaritan came
  (To priest and Levite a hated name);
  The wounded man he would not pass,
  He tenderly placed him on his ass.

  “He took him to an inn hard by;
  He dressed his wounds and bathed his eye;
  He paid the landlord his full score;
  If more was needed would pay him more.

  “Ah! many travel the Jericho way,
  And many are robbed and beaten each day;
  And many there be on the way in need,
  Whom Priest or Levite never heed;
  And who to fate would yield, alas!
  If some Samaritan did not pass.”


Dedication  •  Preface  •  Today’s Demand  •  Tomorrow’s Fulfillment  •  Contents  •  the Jericho Road  •  The Objects and Purposes of Odd-Fellowship  •  Early Organizations.  •  Odd-Fellowship,  •  The Secresy Objection.  •  What Is Odd-Fellowship?  •  Friendship, Love and Truth.  •  Friendship, Love and Truth.  •  Friendship, Love and Truth.  •  Pithy Points  •  The Bible in Odd-Fellowship  •  Brother Underwood’s Dream.  •  The Imperial Virtue  •  Quiet Hour Thoughts.  •  Love Supreme.  •  Gems of Beauty  •  Husband and Father  •  Odd-Fellowship and the Future

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The Jericho Road
By W. Bion Adkins
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